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BlueG is a personal start page, a personal web dashboard, and a personal web portal all in one. While BlueG may have taken inspiration from its precursor, iGoogle, it has taken the personal web dashboard concept to a whole new level to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s online users.

True to being a personal web dashboard, BlueG allows you to curate news feeds and web contents. It also provides easy access to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. BlueG integrates Google Search with rich interactive apps and enables users to create a personal home page with an extensive library of over 5,000 apps and themes that cater for every need and whim.

BlueG has a sleek contemporary look and feel. It’s fully responsive, syncs in the cloud so your personal BlueG page works on any device anywhere.

Built on the .NET framework with scalability in mind, BlueG went the extra mile for full compliance with the OpenSocial framework and the Google Gadgets API going way beyond other personal start page sites.

What is BlueG?

BlueG is about creating an online home environment to simplify your life and to enhance your browsing experience. It’s a personal start page and personal web dashboard. You can access your favorite contents; handpick and curate just the feeds that you care about; and add your favorite web apps to create your own web dashboard. It gives you everything you usually go online for at your fingertips. What’s more, BlueG has an impressive apps gallery with thousands of web apps to choose from. You’ll also find popular interest channels like Music, Entertainment, Games, Tech, Sport and Lifestyle, all in one hub.

To make it personal, BlueG has tons of cool themes to suit your taste and style. Not to mention that BlueG has a contemporary, responsive design. Your BlueG personal start page is sync’d in the cloud so it works on any device anywhere.

How did BlueG come about?

The original idea for BlueG came about as a worthy replacement for iGoogle, which was discontinued in November 2013. We initially wanted to at least match iGoogle in terms of offering comparable functionality as a personal start page and we managed to do just that in the early days. Since then, BlueG has taken the personal web dashboard concept to a whole new level with its very own unique bundle of offerings to better meet users’ needs in today’s ever-changing online digital world.

Why should I use BlueG?

If you spend any amount of time online on a daily basis (who doesn’t?) then BlueG is for you. BlueG is much more than a personal start page and bookmarking site, it simplifies your online life, saves you time, helps you get things done and keeps you in the know. Besides taking you to your favorite websites in one click, you can easily keep track of what interests you and matters to you by hand picking your favorite contents. Not to mention that you can personalize your space with cool themes and add web apps to help you get things done. And your personal BlueG start page works on any device anywhere.

How is BlueG different from other personal start pages?

We have gone the extra mile to make BlueG as useful and convenient as can be as a personal web dashboard. Uniquely, it has a collection of over 5,000 web apps providing for just about every interest, from news & reviews to weather, sports and stocks. BlueG allows you to add any news feeds in seconds and with optimized viewing under all devices.

BlueG has a clean, clear and ad-free user interface, exactly as our users have come to expect. BlueG also offers integrated popular interest channels like Music, Entertainment, Games, Tech, Sport and Lifestyle with channel sensitive search capabilities.

Who are the people behind BlueG?

BlueG is founded by Darren Bond. Darren is an experienced professional design analyst, with an extensive background in product design and architecture using CAD technologies. Darren has a Master’s Degree in Design and Computing with 20+ years’ experience developing award- winning software and apps. Darren is supported by a core team of experienced developers and talented design, business and UX professionals.


Have more questions? Please contact us at press@blueg.com

What our users say

"Finally I can organize all my interests in one place. I'm digging the cool themes too!"

Lorie Baxter

"Thank you for bringing iGoogle gadgets to a page like this. A lot of us miss the iGoogle interface and it's great to see a company who gets the idea."

Eric Leidenroth

"Keep up the good work and congratulations to the development team."

Steven Spires

"I'm liking the BlueG personal start page, it goes a good way to replacing the badly missed iGoogle start page we all knew and loved."

Richard Nevill

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