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BlueG is about creating an online home environment to simplify your life and to enhance your browsing experience. It’s your personal start page and personal web dashboard. You can access your favorite news feeds, weather, YouTube channels, social media and other regular hangouts from your BlueG home page; handpick and curate just the contents and feeds that you care about to create your web dashboard. Have everything you usually go online for at your fingertips, in one convenient hub! And that’s not all…

BlueG has an impressive app gallery with thousands of web apps to choose from that you can add to your dashboard to give you even more functionality and convenience. Not to mention that you will also find popular interest channels such as Music, Entertainment, Games, Tech, Sport and Lifestyle, all in one hub.

To make it your own space, we have tons of cool themes to suit your mood and style. What’s more, BlueG has a contemporary, responsive design. Your BlueG personal start page is sync’d in the cloud so it works on any device anywhere.

For those of you familiar with iGoogle, BlueG provides the ideal iGoogle homepage alternative. In a nutshell, BlueG enhances your online experience and simplifies your life. Why not give it a try and see for yourself? It’s free forever!

Meet the BlueG Team

BlueG is founded by Darren Bond. Darren is an experienced professional design analyst, with an extensive background in product design and architecture using CAD technologies. Darren has a Master’s Degree in Design and Computing with 20+ years’ experience developing award- winning software and apps. Darren is supported by a core team of experienced developers and talented design, business and UX professionals.

All of us on the BlueG team are veteran internet users who know our way around cyberspace very well. We’ve been hard at work building BlueG and making it the most unique and capable personal start page.

Founder CEO
Head of Dev
Senior Dev
UI/UX Designer
Business Strategist
UX Support
UI Analyst
Apps Dev
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