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Puzzle Numbers
A variation on the highly popular Flow Free game. You connect the same numbers instead of color dots.

Click/tap and drag a path from any number to its match. Match all numbers, but don't let paths intersect and make sure to cross every tile. To delete a path, either choose Undo for the last move or double click/tap the path you want to remove. Choose Clear to remove all paths from the grid.

If you're feeling stuck, choose Hints for help.

After solving a puzzle, you can choose Next to move on to the next puzzle in that level, Replay to replay the puzzle you just completed and try to beat your previous time, or Back to return to the main menu.

Try all levels: Easy (5x5 grid), Medium (8x9 grid), and Hard (10x11 grid). You get 100 free puzzles in the 'Curious' pack.

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