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Arcade Card Strategy
The goal of Monster Master is to defeat your opponent by using spells and summoned monsters to reduce his health to zero, while preventing him from doing the same to you! Monster Master is a complex, card-based strategy game. There is a very helpful interactive tutorial available from the main screen.

When play begins, you will be dealt five cards from your deck.

At each turn, you will gain one more. During your turn, you may summon as many monsters and cast as many spells as you like. Monsters can be summoned by dragging them into the play area in the lower middle area of the screen. Targeted spell cards may be dragged to their target (monsters, or the enemy player if he has no monsters to defend him), while other spell cards that have no target can be double-clicked to cast.

When your turn is complete, click the 'End Turn' button (which looks like a circular arrow) on the right side of the screen. Your opponent will then take his turn, attacking with spells or monsters. When his turn is complete, you may then take another turn - if you haven't lost the game! 


Play a few games with the standard random deck to get a feel for how all the cards work. Once you understand the mechanics of how cards are used, try building your own customized decks.

Remember, the name of the game is Monster Master - make sure you don't load up your deck with too many spell cards, or you'll be left with no monsters to defend you from attacks! 

Be aware of the special abilities of monsters - if an enemy monster is immune to poison, don't waste a poison spell on him.

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