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Chinese Checkers Settings
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Codewalla Studios
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Classic Board game Checkers
Move all of your marbles to your opponent's side first and win the game! Click or Tap a marble in order to move it. You can move marbles to empty spots that are adjacent to your own, or you can jump over one marble or multiple marbles to go even further. This traditional boardgame requires strategy, and you have a limited number of moves you can make. So think before you move a marble and try to find the most amount of jumps you can take in one move. Use the hints given to you in level 1 to help you decide where to move. Play all levels and become the next Chinese Checkers champion!

Just click on one of your marbles to see what the legal moves are, then pick your move.  The objective is to get your marbles to the opponents base before your opponent does the same.

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