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TIME.com: Top Stories
TIME.com: Top Stories From rss.time.com
Top stories of the day on TIME.com
CBC World News
CBC World News From CBC
CBC World News
Unit Converter
Unit Converter By LabPixies
Unit Converter - easily convert various units to different measurement systems. Type your value, click the convert button and get the results instantly. And now on the Unit Converter - New! Currenc...
MapQuest Driving Directions
MapQuest Driving Directions By David Olsen
Get your driving directions from the most accurate maps on the web.
Bejeweled By Wisgary Torres
Original Bejeweled puzzle game from the Popcapgames website www.popcap.com. Flash-game-in-a-module idea based on Kim Schulz's PacMan.
ColorJunction By Google
Add this challenging puzzle game to your page and see if you can complete the board by clearing all the pieces.
Penguins By Adam Bowman
Here are some cute, little, waddling penguins for your homepage.
Simple Calculator
Simple Calculator By NeoTekSystems
Simple calculator
Stock portfolio
Stock portfolio By Christian Nybroe
Highly configurable list with unlimited number of stocks, options, ETFs. See chart and details for each stock. Calculate total value, earning and much more in your local currency.
Fat Loss Tip of the Day
Fat Loss Tip of the Day By Doug Jobes
A free tip every day on how to lose fat. Start losing weight now by changing your diet slowly, one step at a time. The best way to lose weight is by forming new, healthy eating habits. Permanent weight loss is just a few daily tips away.
Breaking News: CBS News
Breaking News: CBS News From cbsnews.com
Read the latest news headlines on CBS News, covering news stories, videos and pictures of world and US news, as well as news in politics, health, sports and business.
Lifehacker From lifehacker....
Tips and downloads for getting things done
Optical Illusion of The Day
Optical Illusion of The Day By Barun Vurdlak
Optical Illusion of The Day gadget displays the newest illusion in your iGoogle homepage each day.
Dictionary By gWidgets
This will give the meaning of the word through Dictionary, Wikipedia, Wordweb, Wiktionary, Thesaurus, Etymology, Google, Answers.com, Books, or Google Scholar!
Art of the Day
Art of the Day By zserghei
Art of the Day: Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Pre-Raphaelites, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Neo-impressionism, Symbolism, Modernism, Cu...
People.com: Top Headlines (with photos)
People.com: Top Headlines (with photos) By Google
This gadget displays People.com Top Headlines and photos.
Fish By Adam Bowman
Add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish. Watch how they eagerly swim toward your mouse hoping that you’ll drop a few flakes of food. Click the down arrow and then Edit Settings to change the number of fish, the color of each fish, and the color of the water. You can also add an image to the background.
Calorie Calculator
Calorie Calculator By LabPixies
Calorie calculator, a simple way to monitor you daily calorie intake, to easily manage your diet and meals. Use the calorie calculator to see each meal's calorie details and sum up your ...
E! Online (UK) - Top Stories
E! Online (UK) - Top Stories From eonline.com
News from across the show-biz spectrum-TV, movies, music and celebrities
Joke of the Day
Joke of the Day By gWidgets
Joke of the Day. www.jokeoftheday.me
Mortgage Loan Calculator
Mortgage Loan Calculator By Mortgage Loan Solutions
Mortgage Loan Calculator is a great value-add for any loan officer or real estate agent looking to provide good-looking, functional, valuable content to readers. The execution of this calculator is superb from the smooth sidebar integration, modal window results and AJAX-based graphs that are incredibly visually appealing. It's a great little application that delivers a lot of value in a user-friendly and well-executed way.
Joke of the Day
Joke of the Day By Jokes
Joke of the Day from jokesfunny.wordpress.com (Funny-Jokes), jumbojoke.com , jokes2go.com and Just for Laughs. Search for Jokes!! Try this One!! No need to Click PLUS button to read the Jokes. It may contain jokes which are not appropriate for children.
HowStuffWorks Daily Feed
HowStuffWorks Daily Feed From feeds.hows...
HowStuffWorks - Explore your world and learn how everything works. Informative and fun!