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Dictionary By Karthik
This search tool wil search Dictionary (Google.com/Dictionary, Dictionary.com, Wordweb, Wiktionary, Cambridge, Collins), iGoogle Gadgets, Themes, Knol, Wikipedia, Microsoft Bing.com, Yahoo etc in a new Window. (Customizable)
MarketWatch.com - Top Stories
MarketWatch.com - Top Stories From marketwat...
MarketWatch, a leading publisher of business and financial news, offers users up-to-the minute news, investment tools, and subscription products.
RollingStone.com: Music News
RollingStone.com: Music News From rollingston...
Music News from Rolling Stone
Dictionary.com Word of the Day
Dictionary.com Word of the Day From dictionary....
A new word is presented every day with its definition and example sentences from actual published works.
Funny Cat Photos
Funny Cat Photos By Elias Saba
This gadget displays a random funny cat photo everytime it loads. With over 2,300 photos to pick from, it is likely you will see a new photo everytime it loads. Click photos to enlarge.
BBC News - World
BBC News - World From newsrss.bb...
The latest stories from the World section of the BBC News web site.
Date & Time
Date & Time By Google
Add a clock to your page. Click edit to change it to the color of your choice.
Tasks By Google
The Official Tasks Gadget by Google. To leave feedback or report a problem, please visit the Managing my Tasks (http://groups.google.com/a/googleproductforums.com/forum/#!categories/calendar/managi...
ETonline RSS - Breaking News
ETonline RSS - Breaking News From feeds.feed...
ETonline RSS breaking news
Google Calendar
Google Calendar By BlueG
With Google's online calendar, it's easy to keep track of life's important events all in one place. This rich, interactive gadget brings all the power of Google Calendar to your personal page. To use this calendar you need to be logged into a Google account.
Today in History
Today in History By Michael
Today in History (UNIX calendar)
Weather By BlueG
View the local weather for multiple locations on your page.
Free iTunes Downloads
Free iTunes Downloads By iT'S Free Downloads
Every week Apple puts a few free songs and some free videos on the iTunes Store. Usually these are free for just a week, sometime longer. This gadget helps you by listing all the free stuff in one place by category (music, videos, audiobooks, etc.) and giving you updates as new stuff is released. Put it on your homepage or website and you won't miss another freebie!
Dow Jones chart for TODAY
Dow Jones chart for TODAY By Mandy
To the minute Dow Jones Industrial Average chart watch. Refresh to see the most current DJIA status of the stock market. See the effect of Obama's actions and the bailouts. Shows a chart of today's fluctuations, the Current index value, the Change since the previous day's close, and the Previous day's close for an easy-to-understand quick glance view of the Dow. Also shows the NASDAQ and S&P 500.
Reminders from God
Reminders from God By RA Informatics
Daily encouraging words and inspirational quotes to help overcome fear and live a braver, joyful, more spiritual life.
Famous Optical Illusions
Famous Optical Illusions By Jan Adamovic
Collection of optical illusions - an easy way to trick the human eye.
ABC News: Top Stories
ABC News: Top Stories From my.abcne...
ABC News: Top Stories
Techdirt. From techdirt.com
Easily digestible tech news...
Gmail By BlueG
The ease and simplicity of Gmail, direct to your homepage. Options include previewing emails directly within the app window or on the Gmail website. To use this app you need to be logged into a Google account.
ESPN.com - NFL
ESPN.com - NFL From sports.espn...
Latest NFL news from ESPN.com
FOXNews.com From foxnews.com
FOX News Network - We Report. You Decide.
WebMD Health
WebMD Health From rssfeeds.w...
WebMD Health - Trustworthy, Credible and Timely Health Information. The content of this feed is confidential and proprietary. It may not be distributed, copied or otherwise reproduced without expre...
LabPixies Calculator
LabPixies Calculator By LabPixies
LabPixies Calculator - the coolest calculator for your Personalized Homepage! This simple and useful calculator lets you perform most of the basic arithmetic operations. LabPixies also offers a coo...