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Mahjong Master
Mahjong Master By Mahjong Bliss
Classic Mahjong Solitaire game.
Domi Hammi
Domi Hammi By Alvaro Baltrons & Maximilliano Demonte
Help Hammi collect all the stars using his hammer. Use the domino principle in order to make all the totems fall.
Penguin Rescue Game
Penguin Rescue Game By
Rescue the little baby penguins. Click to drag the tiles and line up three ice blocks of the same color.
Snail Bob 8
Snail Bob 8 By Andrey Kovalishin
This time Snail Bob finds himself in a dangerous island. You need to help him find a way out.
Papa Pear
Papa Pear By
Get a ball into each of the mouths below in this Plinko-like game.
Snail Bob 7
Snail Bob 7 By Andrey Kovalishin
In Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story, you need to guide Bob the snail to his destination.
2048 By Gabriele Cirulli
Join two of same numbers to double them up, starting with 2. The ultimate goal is to get to 2048.
Bubble Shooter Exclusive
Bubble Shooter Exclusive By Net Freedom Games
Boost your gaming power with exclusive powerups, unlimited game-play and Auto Saving. A must play package for bubble shooter lovers.
Bejeweled By
PopCap's classic game of gem-swapping is back, bigger and better than ever, with amazing new graphics and effects!
Fruita Swipe 2
Fruita Swipe 2 By Dedy Suwandi
Fruita Swipe 2 is the sequel to the popular Match3 game where you have to combine lots of tasty fruits! 100 brand new levels in different worlds are waiting for you. Connect as many fruits as possible, complete the challenges and collect 3 stars in every level. The longer the chains, the more points you will get. Can you master all levels?
Entanglement By Gopherwood Studios
Entanglement is a puzzle game. Try to make the longest path possible. Rotate and place hexagonal tiles etched with paths to extend your path without running into a wall. This game includes: Solitaire - In this single-player mode, you try to beat your own record or compete against others on our daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. Multiplayer - Play against up to 5 other people on the same device in this hot-seat variation. This mode offers a chance to challenge your friends head-to-head: try to grab the longest paths without running into each other or the wall.
Smarty Bubble
Smarty Bubble By
Smarty Bubbles is one of the most popular bubble shooter games. Combine at least 3 bubbles of the same color and try to remove all the bubbles from the field.
Fruita Swipe
Fruita Swipe By Dedy Suwandi
Fruita Swipe is a match 3 game and it is your task to connect the fruits. The longer the chains you draw, the more points you will get for each move. In every level there is a specified kind and number or fruits you need to connect. If you manage to achieve this and get a great score, you will win the 3 stars in every level.
Flow Free
Flow Free By Char Studio
If you like tricky puzzles, this flow game is the perfect game for you. Your goal is to connect matching colors. Pair all colors and cover the entire board. Only with brain and logical skills will you be able to solve each level and master the game!
Woblox By
The challenge in this new puzzle game is to move the blocks so the green one is free to follow the arrows into the gap. Only when the green block enters that gap the level is completed. This task gets more difficult with every level, but with logical thinking, all fans of riddles and puzzles will master Woblox!
Pop Pop Rush
Pop Pop Rush By
Let's pop some bloons! Make a chain of at least 3 same-colored balloons to remove them from the field. The longer your chains, the more points you will get. Use power ups like the rainbow or bombs to pop even more balloons.
Stones of Pharoah
Stones of Pharoah By
In this highly addictive match3 game Stones of the Pharaoh, the goal of the game is to clear the field by matching two or more blocks of the same color. Be careful: you will lose a life for every single block clicked.
Planet Adventure
Planet Adventure By Anton Gnibeda
Discover the amazing world of Planet Adventure! In this epic journey, you will need to guide 4 little heroes through 45 levels. Use abilities of the heroes to obtain every key and unlock the exit.
Beach Sudoku
Beach Sudoku By Tingly Games
Train your brain with one of the most popular puzzle games of all time! In Sudoku, your goal is to fill a 9x9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. Can you master the logic challenge?
Number Connect
Number Connect By Noisy Typing
A variation on the highly popular Flow Free game. You connect the same numbers instead of color dots.
Snail Bob 3
Snail Bob 3 By Andrey Kovalishin
Bob is back...really far back. In the third adventure of the popular puzzle platformer series, by mistake, the clumsy Bob has travelled through a portal to ancient Egypt. Help him find his way to the exit in every level, use different tools to solve puzzles, and guide him safely across traps, pits and other dangers. Collect stars to unlock cool gallery pictures and reunite Snail Bob with his Grandpa!
Fancy Diver
Fancy Diver By Hypnocat Studio
An underwater world for a Match 3 game! Save the Fancy Divers of drowning by destroying the coral reef they are stuck under. Find at least 3 corals in the same color. Click them and they will dissapear. The longer the coral chain destroyed, the more points you will get. Try to improve your high score but don`t forget that the divers are running out of oxygen! You have to free them quickly! This game tests your reaction as well as your attention skills.
Sandtrap By Gopherwood Studios
Fill the bucket with sand. Sounds simple enough but it’s actually trickier than you think.
Pursuit of Hat
Pursuit of Hat By Anton Rogov
Help the character find its hat.