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Basketball By
Basketball is a simple but very addictive sports game. How many baskets can you score? Show your skills and earn a high score! Game over if you hit 3 misses.
Metrogame By Philip Maerz
You are an underground subway planner, your task is to arrange all the parts in the right direction, so that all required stations are visited one after the other. The order of visited stations is very important for the success of the train-timetables. From the first station, you can choose in which direction you want to start.
Avatar Arena
Avatar Arena By
Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against 20 benders in this ultimate tournament.
Boule and Bill
Boule and Bill By Boule and Bill
A variation from the Temple Run theme in suburbia. Bill needs to run, collect coins, jump over and slide under obstacles to avoid getting hit to get to the next level. Game over when Bill gets hit. You have to be quick on your fingers as Bill is a fast runner.
Red Thief
Red Thief By Dreamspike Studios
Sneak by the guards. Place lures. Disguise yourself. Build teleporters. Drill through barriers. Call in henchmen and more! Can you pull off the ultimate heist?
Running Fred
Running Fred By Diego G. Ruiz
Fred is back with a new host of painful antics, awesome acrobatic, desperate moves, special items and locations.
Air Battle 3D
Air Battle 3D By
Air strike is an unity 3D airplane game with great 3D graphics where you have to fly as fast as you can and destroy all your enemies with your rockets and bombs.
Spect By
SPECT is an addictive space shooter. Use your auto fire, missiles and shield to protect your spaceship against enemy ships and asteroids.
Vegas Night Lite Game
Vegas Night Lite Game By
A casino slot machine themed Match 3 game. You have to align the symbols to destroy them and score points as well.
Age of Wind
Age of Wind By
Get ready for exciting adventures on the sea full of dangers and opportunities! Become the captain of a sailing ship! Explore new islands, fight in naval battles, trade exotic goods!
Abelardo Steakhouse
Abelardo Steakhouse By Duaik
You are a start-up dinosaur musician that have been hired by the local steak house restaurant to entertain the guest while they dine. Uses DDR play style. The dinosaur currently only knows 4 songs.
Stealth 3D
Stealth 3D By
You are a boy name Ethan who somehow finds an abandoned robot facility. You must find your way out before the robot takes you.
Jurassic Eggs Up
Jurassic Eggs Up By Pavel Gachenko
Dinosaur eggs need protection from a prowling dinosaur and tumbling rocks. Move the available blocks to protect the egg.
The New Yoda Chronicles
The New Yoda Chronicles By Lego Systems
Choose between the light side or the dark side and battle against the opposing force.
Asgard Attack
Asgard Attack By
Stop evil goblins in Asgard Attack! This fantasy action game challenges you to guard the Land of the Gods. Barracks and training grounds will help you grow a powerful army. You must seek revenge for the sake of humanity!
Magic Monsters
Magic Monsters By Codewalla Studios
Magic Monsters are here and ready to be matched! Click and drag or swipe matching monsters into groups of 3 or more to clear the board in given moves, earn target points, and level up. Use the magic ring to collect any monster; use the magic stick to collect all matching monsters. Place gift-wrapped monsters into groups of 3 or more to clear both vertical and horizontal lines. If you need a hint, watch for bouncing monsters! Make 3 wrong moves and lose 1 move. Use the +5 to gain more moves. The higher the level, the more challenges you'll meet!
Goal Champion
Goal Champion By Tempa Labs
Prove your skills in three different leagues against 24 teams. Shoot the ball into the goal and avoid the defenders and the goalie to win every match. Will you beat all teams to leave the pitch as a champion?
Road Safety Blood Free
Road Safety Blood Free By Hypnocat Studio
The goal in the reaction game Road Safety is to find the right moment to cross the street safely. Just click on one of the characters and they will start running, but watch out for the cars. In every level, you need to get a certain number of people to the other side of the street without them being hit by a car.
Disco Dodgeball
Disco Dodgeball By Erik Asmussen
Race around a neon-lit skate park and hit your friends in the face with dodgeballs.
The Castle Keeper
The Castle Keeper By Median Games Inc.
Castle Keeper is a fast action RPG game with some strategy elements.
Hercules Curse of the Hydra
Hercules Curse of the Hydra By Hollow Edge
Everyone has heard about Hercules, the son of Zeus and his legend. In Hercules: Curse of the Hydra, you are Hercules and you must fight against hordes of mythical creatures, collect items and uphold your name. During the game, you can use various weapons to fight and you can move freely in an open world.
Hungry Fridge
Hungry Fridge By Enclave Games
Hungry Fridge is hungry! Feed it with proper food to get the highest score! The Fridge will tell you what it wants to eat. Follow the color of the food marker and its counter, tap or click the proper food to feed the Fridge and collect points. Tap or click the wrong food or letting the right food go out of the screen and you will lose energy.
Gold of Knights
Gold of Knights By Ancient Jewels Games
Find the lost treasure of the Knights in this addictive and challenging match-3 game! Collect 3 identical figures in the triangle to make it gold. To pass to the next level, turn all triangles on the playing board into gold. Bonuses become available as you keep playing!
World Cup Kicks
World Cup Kicks By AceViral
Set your power, angle and curve to get a goal with the free kicks.